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June 26~July 1

Now more than ever, Carmel Dance Festival believes in the power of dance to engage, inspire, heal, and connect our community.  Please help us celebrate our 3rd year of making Monterey County more vibrant and connected with a donation today! 


Support 3  new initiatives: 

1) Live Music and Dance Restoration 

2) Dance Education

3) Monterey County Stories Told Through Dance

With our aligned resiliency, generosity, and teamwork, we can have performing arts thrive again ~ by bringing together people that care about dance. 


When you make a gift to Carmel Dance Festival, you're joining a community that's at the forefront of saving the performing arts and securing a future of live concert dance. Join us by making a tax-deductible gift today. Dancers, choreographers, musicians, composers, collaborators, students, older adults, and people of all walks of life who benefit from dance are counting on you to make a difference. 


Your gift allows Carmel Dance Festival to deliver our mission. Your donation will be used when and where most integral. When combined with contributions from other donors, your gift becomes a powerful means to support our creative and impactful work, including dance education, presenting invigorating dance performances, producing live music and dance, and providing jobs in the performing arts sector.  


Carmel Dance Festival provides:

~ performance opportunities for  professional dancers

~ a platform for choreographers to share their work

~  broad audience members an unforgettable in-person dance experience

~ employment for administrators, stage crew, and additional collaborators

~ classes and  workshops   for dance students of all demographics

~ scholarships for   dancers  in need 

~ community building that fosters joy, inspiration, and human connection through kinetically invigorating dance

A donation of any amount will have an impact. In addition, please feel free to share our mission and work with others! The more exposure we get, the more we'll be able to make this bold performing arts endeavor sustainable.



Our supporters play an intrinsic role in our mission. We invite you to discover the various opportunities to   support  the Festival and consider joining Carmel Dance Festival's family of contributors today. 

You are welcome to make a gift online, via phone, or via email. For more information about gift giving options, kindly visit our sponsorship page. 



One of the smartest ways to support Carmel Dance Festival is by donating stock. It allows you to save on your taxes in two ways: by avoiding capital gains taxes, and by allowing you to take an income tax deduction. Through one of the easiest and most trusted ways to accept stock donations online, give stock now:

Donate Stock

Carmel  Dance Festival  is a U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN 86-2764559. Online donations will receive an email receipt that serves as the official record of your donation for tax purposes. Donations made by mail or through transfer of stocks or securities will be recognized and documented through a letter from Carmel Dance Festival that will serve as the official record of your donation for tax purposes.

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