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MONTEREY HERARLD   "Where it's at: Inspiring Dance at the Sunset Center" by Beth  Peerless, November 2022

GO SOLO | A Place for Artistic Nourishment ~ Carmel Dance Festival, an interview /article by Team Subkit, August 2021

 YOUR TOWN TV |   Carmel Dance Festival's  Co-Founder   is  interviewed by Mark   Baer 

|   Lillian Barbeito’s Made a Trifecta of a Pivot, Launching Three New Dance Projects At Once ~   Nancy Wozny,   May 30, 2021

| M. D.   Baer Interviews   Carmel Dance Festival's Founder ~    May 12, 2021   

| Lillian Barbeito   To Launch Carmel Dance Festival and Ballare Carmel  

~ Jeff Slayton, April 21, 2021

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