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2024 Summer Program 
Farm to Tendu;   where dance meets sustainability
July 8 ~ 20
Performance Project from July 21~28

Week 01

July 8~13

Ballet & rep with

Charmaine Butcher 


Week 02

July 14~20

Countertechnique & rep with

Lillian Barbeito & Joseph Kudra 


Week 03

July 20~28

Dance Theater
Performance Project with Ballare Carmel &





We are thrilled to announce Carmel Dance Festival's Summer Program on the stunning Monterey Peninsula. In 2024, we are offering something truly extraordinary—an immersive 1, 2, or 3~week experience that combines contemporary dance technique, the creation and performance of a new work, and a dive into sustainable farming. Yes, we are merging the worlds of farming and dancing!

Dancers will engage in daily technique classes under the guidance o
f distinguished guest teachers, fostering the development of their skills and artistry. The creation of new work will be overseen by the brilliant and visionary choreographer, KELLY ASHTON TODD. Drawing from a profound understanding of our planet and its critical need for protection, Todd's choreography will intertwine scientific insights, evoking a powerful connection to the audience's hearts. Prepare to be captivated by a dance experience that merges artistry and the urgency of environmental preservation.


But that's not all! Each week, participants will engage in captivating sessions centered around farming. They will plant, harvest, and learn about innovative farming practices that promote environmental preservation and reduce ecological impact. It's a unique opportunity to explore the vital connection between sustainable agriculture and the arts.


This program is meticulously designed to provide an extraordinary experience within a safe, supportive, and challenging environment. It aims to foster lasting breakthroughs and forge life-long connections among dancers. Through progressive ballet, contemporary, partnering, improvisation, movement generation, repertory, and performance skills, participants will enhance their technique, artistry, and community-building abilities, creating a solid foundation for future opportunities.


Each week will culminate in a public, site-specific performance where dancers will showcase their artistic growth and the culmination of their transformative journey.


Join us on this remarkable adventure that intertwines sustainability and dance, forging a path towards a brighter and greener future! Up to 24 dancers will be selected for Weeks 1 & 2 and up to 8 dancers will be selected for Week 3. 


Ballare Carmel is the resident company of the Carmel Dance Festival. It was founded in 2021 by Artistic Director Lillian Barbeito

(a graduate of The Juilliard School,  former  Co-Artistic Director of BODYTRAFFIC,  and founder of HAVEN Global Sanctuary for Dance) to tell Monterey County stories, myths, and bold feats, through contemporary dance. The project-based ensemble's repertoire by established and emerging choreographers includes works by Jennifer Archibald, James Gregg, Noelle Kayser, Alex Ketley, Javon Ja'Moon Jones, Ihsan Rustem, and Skye Schmidt. Lillian will direct the site-specific performances throughout the Summer Program. @ballarecarmel


  • it includes actual farming!

  • located in a BREATHTAKING region with stunning beaches, bucolic farms, and hiking

  • offering 90-minute+ sessions 

  • INTIMATE SETTING that allows for individualized coaching

  • DEEP DIVE  into one movement methodology per week

  • EMPOWERING and nurturing environment where each dancer is seen, heard and valued

  • cell-phone-free environment that creates a deeply bonded community and LIFE-LONG FRIENDSHIPS

  • assigned an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT partner for the week

  • each week culminates in a site-specific public PERFORMANCE

SAMPLE SCHEDULE (listed in Pacific Time and subject to change) 

Orientation Days: Monday, July 8th & Sunday, July 14th 

           2:00-4:00    Check-In

           4:00-5:15     Yoga 

           5:30-6:30    Dinner

           6:30-8:00    Orientation


Typical Days 

           7:30-8:30     Breakfast

           9-10:30         Technique

           10:30-12:30  Repertory

           12:30-1:30    Lunch

           1:30-4:00     Creation with  KELLY ASHTON TODD

           4:00-5:30     Observe Ballare Carmel rehearsal or hike or ... something else wonderful

           5:30-6:30     Dinner

           6:30-8:00     Evening Activities (screening, photoshoot, costume fitting, seminar)


Field Research Days July 11th & 17th

            7:30-12:30    Site visit/field research

             12:30-1:30   Lunch

            1:30-4:00     Creation

            5:30-6:30    Dinner

            6:30-8:00    Evening Activities (photoshoot, costume fitting, seminar, dinner with friends)


Final Day

             10-11:30         Community Class

             12-1:30           Rehearsal at performance site

             1:30-2:30    Lunch

             2:30-4:30    Tech/Dress rehearsal 

             4:30-5:00    Snack break

             5:00-6:00    Prepare for show

             6:00                   Public site-specific performance


(The schedule subject to change depending on the venue's availability. Tech/Dress rehearsals may need to be Thurs/Fri night(s) so please keep those evenings open.)



  • 16+ (dancers aged 16 & 17 must have a legal guardian sign a waiver)

  • Excellent   technique in any dance genre of dance

  • Partnering experience and/or desire and commitment to enhance partnering skills

  • Improvisation experience and/or desire and commitment to enhance improvisation skills

  • Performance experience and/or desire and commitment to enhance performance skills

  • Desire to adapt, create, connect, and contribute

  • Proof of vaccination (To those who are not able to be vaccinated  or choose not to vaccinate, we hope to dance with you in the future!)

Last Year's Summer Program


Week One



Karl Watson

Untitled-22 (3).png

Week Two



Joseph Kudra


Week Three



Liane Aung & Jared Bogart


Step One: Request a  Goggle Form   Application​​

Step Two:   Fill out and submit the application form.   You will need the following:

  • Link to Video Statement of Interest (talk to camera about yourself and why you are interested in participating in Carmel Dance Festival's Summer Program)

  • Links to Dance Video(s)​

Step Three:   Email the following materials to

  • Headshot (does not need to be a professional  image)

  • Full   body shot   (does not need to be a professional  image and can be in any stance/position)

  • Resume with contact information

  • Include video links (again)


Please include the following in your dance video(s):

  • 2 minutes of unedited improvisation/one take

  • 2 + minutes of performance or rehearsal footage of choreographed material (any setting acceptable)

Please upload your Video Statement of Interest and Application Videos to Dropbox,  Vimeo, or Youtube.  Kindly provide links and include passwords if needed. Videos that need to be downloaded will NOT be considered. IMPORTANT:   include your video link in both the Google form and your introduction email.


DEADLINE​:  Admissions will be accepted on a rolling basis until the program reaches capacity. Once applications are closed, we will notify applicants via our website. Priority will be given to applications received on or before Sunday, April 21st, 2024.

Participants from Last Year's Summer Program

Piper Northburg by Skye Schmidt

Piper Northburg, now an apprentice with Ballare Carmel

Ru Ferguson by Skye Schmidt

Ru Ferguson, Media Intern

Nicole Bui by Skye Schmidt

Nicole Bui, now an apprentice with Ballare Carmel


$750    ~   One Week 

$1400  ~   Two Weeks  

$1650  ~   Three Weeks​ 


Accepted dancers can secure their space by subitting a non-refundable deposit.   

$200  ~   One Week 

$400  ~   Two Weeks

$500 ~   Three Weeks


The remaining tuition is due on or before June 1st, 2024.

FINANCIAL AID ~ SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION DEADLINE  ~  Sunday, April 28th, 2024 by 5:00 pm Pacific Time

Partial and full scholarships are available for tuition.   Once accepted into the program,  send the following materials to


1) personal statement (written or video) outlining financial need, why you are deserving of   an award, and how you hope this program will  impact you

2)  two  recommendation letters 

3)   three additional references  with   contact information



The Media  Intern will  take daily   photos and videos,  photoshop 3 weekly social media posts with graphics,  edit  1  highlight video per week,  and   create   1   recap video of the entire program that includes interviews with the participants and guest artists. The  ideal candidate owns  an excellent camera, has   some photoshop and video editing skills,   and enjoys telling stories through photos and videos.   The Media Intern(s) will participate in the Summer Program tuition free.



The Production Intern will ensure the cleanliness of the space, transport guest   artists,   help   set   up   sound for performances,  run errands, and manage   costumes, including weekly   laundry   or dry cleaning assignments.   This   position   requires a   clean vehicle with trunk space, a driver's licensce,   plus up-to-date car   insurance and registration.    The   Production  Intern(s)  will participate in the Summer Program tuition free.

To   express   your   interest in    and/or   learn more   about  our   internship opportunities,  please email



Week ONE: Check in will be on Monday, July 8th between 12-3:30 pm and check out will be on Sunday, July 14th by 10am.

Week TWO: Checkin will be on Sunday, July 14th between 12-3:30 pm and check out will be on Saturday, July 20th by 10am.

ONE WEEK (either Week 1 or Week 2)

Waddell Center

     Double room ~ $800

     Single room ~ $925

Lubow Lodge (New Building)

     Double room ~ $925    

     Single room ~ $1050

TWO WEEKS  (Checkin on Monday, July 8th and checkout on Saturday, July 20th)

Waddell Center

     Double room ~ $1500

     Single room ~ $1750

Lubow Lodge (New Building)

     Double room ~ $1750

     Single room ~ $2000


In this stunning area,   you'll find rugged hiking, tucked-away inns, championship golf courses, vineyards, award-winning restaurants, quaint shopping,    horseback riding, every sort of ocean & beach activity, and jaw-dropping natural beauty.  


One of the reasons CDF' Summer Program is so impactful is the rich learning and sharing experiences that extend beyond the studio, particularly during meals. To foster strong bonds and a sense of community, it is mandatory for all participants to dine together. For individuals with specific dietary restrictions, we understand the need to bring their own meals, but they are still required to pay the commuter fee. The Day Use Only/Commuter Fee is approximately half the room & board fee ($375) which covers the cost of three meals a day along with a facilities fee. This ensures that everyone can fully participate in the program's communal aspects and create lasting connections.


Screen Shot 2023-02-06 at 2.27.49 PM.png

Lillian Barbeito
Summer Program Director

LILLIAN BARBEITO brings more than 35 years of dance experience as an artist, producer, director, and educator to her role as Artistic Director of Ballare Carmel. During the course of her career, she has been a performer with contemporary dance companies, the co-founder of a world-renowned non-profit organization, the founder of an innovative corporation, and an internationally recognized, certified teacher of Countertechnique. 


Barbeito grew up in the desert under the blues skies of Santa Fe, New Mexico where she trained with the Santa Fe Dance Foundation and worked with The Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival, Southwest Ballet, and the Santa Fe Opera. She earned her BFA from The Juilliard School where she studied on a 4 year, full-tuition scholarship awarded by Tomorrow’s Leaders of America for her essay about the world dancing together in harmony. Barbeito had an extensive performance career that took her to Europe, New York, and then finally to Los Angeles, where she founded BODYTRAFFIC with Tina Berkett. Under her co-direction, the ensemble received critical acclaim and toured to the most prestigious dance venues across the globe. She has choreographed over 50 works for high schools, universities, competitions, regional ballet companies, and professional modern dance companies throughout the US and Canada. During the  pandemic,  Barbeito launched  HAVEN Global Sanctuary for Dance, a platform dedicated to shaping an equitable, diverse, and inclusive future of dance. 


Barbeito is married to filmmaker and environmentalist Grant Barbeito. They relocated their two sons, Oliver who is 13, and Forest who is 8, two bearded dragons, and an Irish doodle named Harvey to Carmel Valley to launch the Carmel Dance Festival and Ballare Carmel.

Screen Shot 2023-02-06 at 2.28.52 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-06 at 4.53.36 AM.png

Kelly Ashton Todd

Hi my name is Kelly Todd - I started adding in my middle name because that was almost my first name and there are a million Kelly Todd’s in the world. I blush extremely easily and this trait got me made fun of a lot when I was a teenager and this trait still embarrasses me so please do not be that person that once I start blushing blurts out “OMG YOU’RE BLUSHING”. I feel the safest and most at ease when I’m surrounded by nature - being swallowed by waves, strolling in the woods, exploring mountains, or marveling at the desert. I’m pretty shy upon first meeting and sometimes look like I’m drifting off when I’m intensely listening. I moved to LA for a man once and though the relationship didn’t work, it was one hell of an adventure. I always said I would never live in New York City, yet here I am going on 7 years.


My gut is my guide for everything - collaborations, food, loves, packing. I tend to flee my “home” every two years for a big adventure that reminds me that my home is where my community is and that the planet is truly a big beautiful gift. I cry at pretty much everything and could spend weeks watching great films. I have a deep obsession with surrealism and I’ve recently become enamored with native plants and dried bouquets. My alter ego dream is being in a roller derby.


I miss my grandfather deeply. I sometimes wonder if I’m on the right path and am reminded by my therapist that the present is always the right path. I love the magic of childhood movies and am craving live performance that shakes me to my core.

Screen Shot 2023-03-06 at 4.53.06 AM.png

Kelly's Other  Bio

The bio the applications and magazines want

Kelly Ashton Todd is a director, choreographer, performing artist, and environmental activist who makes work for both live theater and film. She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. She is originally from Lake Jackson, TX, where she began her passion for the environment from being surrounded by live oak trees, the beloved creek, and blue crabs along the jetties. Her work explores land and human exploitation, environmental politics, and surrealism. 

She received a BFA in Modern Dance from Texas Christian University and a Double Minor in Biology and Environmental Science (2011) along with a Master’s in Sustainability Leadership from Arizona State University (2021). Kelly performed with the award winning off-broadway show Sleep No More from 2015-2022. Along with performing, she also teaches Mindfulness, Environmental Science, Health and Wellness, and Sex Ed at Waterfront Montessori in Jersey City, NJ.

Todd’s choreography has been showcased globally. She has presented work at Kaufman Hall at the 92nd st Y, Dixon Place, NOoSPHERE Arts, ‘T’ Space Rhinebeck, Usine C, and Meow Wolf Santa Fe. She has been awarded the Brooklyn Arts Council Grant (2019, 2020, and 2022), Jerome Hill Foundation Finalist, F21 NYSCA in Media Grant, Puffin Foundation Grant, Walmart E-commerce, LEIMAY Fellowship, Human Impacts Institute Environmental Health Fellowship, NYFA Fellowship in Choreography, and Emerging Choreographer for Springboard Danse Montreal 2022. Her award winning environmental dance film series, Under Review, has attended over 20 film festivals nationally and internationally. Most recently, Under Review: Katahdin was awarded the New Vision award from the International Wildlife Film Festival.

*Kelly has been awarded the LEIMAY Fellowship in Brooklyn, NY which provides fully subsidized rehearsal space along with a public New York Garden Showing for the creation of Under Review: Katahdin and Riding Red. To read her interview and learn more about the fellowship click here*

Screen Shot 2023-03-06 at 5.02.23 AM.png

 Charmain Butcher
Dancer, Teacher, &
Rehearsal Director


Charmaine is a dance artist based out of San Francisco. She received training from Alonzo King LINES Ballet's Training Program in San Francisco. Charmaine has worked with Coriolis Dance, Post:ballet, the Seattle Opera, Sharp & Fine, and Verlaine & McCann’s Burlesque Nutcracker. In addition to dancing and teaching movement, Charmaine is a visual artist working in the mediums of floral, paint, and clay.

Farm~to~Tendu marks Charmaine's debut with Ballare Carmel! She will be featured in Robin Dekker's Summer and Kelly Ashton Todd's new work. Catch her perform July 26~28.

Charmaine Dance.jpg
Untitled-22 (3).png

 Joseph Kudra
Dancer, Teacher, &
Rehearsal Director


Joseph was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1991. He has worked internationally as a dancer with “River North Chicago Dance Company”, “DanceWorks Chicago”, “Luna Negra Dance Theatre” (Chicago), “Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet” (NY), “BODYTRAFFIC”(LA), “Ate9 Dance Company” (LA), “Aszure Barton & Artists”, and most recently with Eastman-Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (Belgium) and “Opera Ballet Vlaanderen." Joseph has performed works by choreographers such as Aszure Barton, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Alexander Ekman, Andonis Foniadakias, Emanuel Gat, Johan Inger, Jiri Kylian, Crystal Pite, Gustavo Ramirez Sansano, Hofesh Shechter, Richard Siegel, and Jo Stromgren. Joseph has also worked as a choreographic assistant and stager for Cherkaoui. Joseph joined Kamea Dance Company as a soloist in 2021.

Last summer, Joseph Kudra reconnected with Ballare Carmel Artistic Director Lillian Barbeito during Carmel Dance Festival's 2023 Summer Program where he taught ballet and Rambert repertoire. Farm~to~Tendu will mark his debut with Ballare Carmel. He will be featured in works by Robin Dekkers, Anouk van Dijk, and Kelly Ashton Todd. 

Screen Shot 2024-03-12 at 7.43.31 AM.png

Not able to join us for  Farm  To Tendu?   Perhaps our 

3rd Annual Dance & Choreography Fellowship Program

would be of interest...Applications open on August 1st. Check out the 2025 Fellowship Webpage.




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