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where movement meets magic

Welcome to DANCE at Hidden Valley!

Whether you're an absolute beginner or a seasoned professional, our dedicated instructors will elevate your technique, nurture your self-expression, and foster your potential

every step of the way. 


DANCE at Hidden Valley is a dedicated space for learning, practicing, and embracing the art of dance. Our distinctive approach sets us apart; we're not a competition-driven dance studio. Instead of dividing class time for recitals and contests, our focus remains on the essence of dance education throughout all classes. Participation in our concert dance productions requires an audition and all rehearsals are conducted outside of/in addition to technique class times. 


Our dedicated staff, instructors, and personal approach prioritize genuine connections over automation. We believe in the power of human interaction and communication to create a truly personalized experience. Let's dance together!

Youth Classes

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Creative Movement

ages 2~5



ages 5+



ages 8+



ages 2+

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Modern & Countertechnique 

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West African with Live Drumming

Adult Classes

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