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Ballare Carmel - Artistic Director -black.png

November 4 & 5, 2022
at the Sunset Center

Carmel Dance Festival's resident company has leaped into the forefront of the local arts scene.  Ballare Carmel is quickly becoming known for its extraordinary dancers and superb choreography that tells local stories, myths, and exploits through contemporary dance. Ballare Carmel will perform three world premieres by prominent choreographers; Brooklyn-based Jennifer Archibald with special guest Maddox Haberdasher, Zurich-based Ihsan Rustem with set design by Mark Baer, and Los Angeles-based James Gregg with live music by esteemed violinist Edwin Huizinga.

Tickets ~ VIP $125/ Level I $65/ Level II $50/ Level III $40

(VIP tickets include a special reception with the artists.)

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